• Trip Arm Torsion Return Spring


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    82/70 & 82/90xl-xli

    Trip arm Torsion Return Spring


    82/70 -82/90 - xli edge

    Part# HBS-7090-TTRS

    Price $7.00 (2 IN PKG)


    The Trip arm torsion return spring was designed to reduce false indexing with thicker style distributor belts out on the market.  Helps eliminate trip finger bounce on pin roll off and hard indexing of the Distributor Carriage Assembly.

    Positive return back to stop position every time!

    Remove bolt from rear trip arm casting/ Bracket.  Apply torsion return spring over top part of casting.  Slip lower hook onto lower side of mount bracket.  Replace bolt back into assembly and tighten back to proper specification.

    The Trip Arm Torsion Return Spring can be used on 82/70, 82/90 and XLI Edge Machines.  Will work with OEM style trip lever arm casting.

    Package of 2.

    Note: A small notch may need to be applied to the bottom of the Trip arm Pivot support bracket to anchor spring in place and keep in alignment.