• 8270 Stationary Orientor Pan Assembly with Bracket


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     New Design

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    Part# HBS-70-SOP-B

    This newest design of the 82-70 Stationary Orientor Pan was made from positive feedback from you the customer.  

    We continue to work hard to make each and every product better.

    Current bowling machine distributor assemblies do not provide adjustability to the orientation pan therefore they are specific to each other in the way they mount to each other.  This causes a bowling pin to drop onto a moving target as the distributor moves from side to side.  The bowling pin will never drop in the same spot on the orientation pan the same every time due to having a different angle of entry onto the pan itself.  When pinspotter mechanics repair and service bowling machine distributor orientation pan assemblies, they experience difficulties in that some components have been altered or no longer repairable therefore not allowing them to perform proper maintenance.

         For over the past 50 plus years, the bowling machines have utilized different manufacturers to reproduce the distributor orientation pan assembly.  Most of the components in this assembly is unique to each style of manufacturer, thus not allowing interchangeability without modification to the actual component.

         As can be seen, there is a need for making this assembly stationary in order to make the machine run consistent and more reliable every time.